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Integrating Social Media into Your Event

Integrating Social Media into Your Event

Using social media at your event in a Phuket conference venue can be the difference between said event being an unqualified success or an expensive failure. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn play an increasingly large role in our day-to-day lives, so it’s only to be expected that they would play an important role at…

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Preparing a Winning Event Proposal

Before you go booking your Phuket conference venue, you’re obviously going to need to pitch your event idea. Preparing a proposal is getting harder in the current business environment, as budgets are tighter, lead times are shorter and expectations are higher. Writing and delivering the perfect event proposal is quite challenging, so here are a…

MICE Hotel in Phuket

Essential Facilities for a MICE Hotel

When it comes to choosing a good Phuket conference venue, there are certain facilities which it are pretty much essential. These are the kinds of elements which can make or break a conference; without them, coherent organisation is next extremely problematic and tiresome. When you are booking your meeting space, be sure to look out…