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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Conference Venue

When it comes to picking your Phuket conference venue, there are obviously a few considerations that you need to take into account. The same goes for any major (and potentially expensive) decision you make in life, though both the requirements and the stakes are pretty high, in this case.


As it can be very easy to get caught up in the minor details, when looking for the right venue for you, we’ve picked out the essential questions you need to ask both yourself and the venue operators. Some are perhaps very obvious, but it’s surprising how easy it can be to overlook them, when you’ve got a million other questions floating around your head.


Is it available?

There’s no point in finding the perfect Phuket conference venue if they are busy on the day you want it. Before you ask absolutely anything else, you need to know if it is worth giving the space your consideration. If you find that they’re booked up, at least you’ve saved valuable time.


Meeting Room at Thavorn Beach Village Phuket


Is it the right size?

In planning your event, you will already have at least a ballpark figure in your head for the number of attendees you’re expecting. Unlike a gas, an event won’t expand to fill the space available, so booking a venue that’s too big will waste your money. However, booking a space that’s too small will mean having to turn away attendees, which is just as bad. Look for a place which is fractionally bigger than your anticipated needs.


Is it easily accessible?

If you’re going to spend a lot of time and money on organising a packed schedule for your event, the last thing you need is half of the attendees missing the first few bits of it because they couldn’t find your Phuket conference venue. The ideal space should be one which is easy to reach from Phuket Airport, with the minimum of delays caused by traffic or confusion. If you can pick a place with a good shuttle service available – as many hotels do – that’s even easier.


Phuket Airport Transfer


Does it offer accommodation?

If many of your attendees are arriving at the airport and aren’t fortunate enough to actually live in Phuket, you’re going to need somewhere for them to stay over. Again, using Phuket meeting hotel will make things very easy here.


Does it meet your technical needs?

We’ve said, in previous posts, that the modern Phuket conference venue needs to have a certain level of technical sophistication to keep up with changing trends. Primarily, this means a good, fast and stable internet connection, but also good audio and video facilities. If you’re planning a modern event, you naturally need a modern event space.


technical meeting

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