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Phuket conference venue, Conference Management Tools

4 Essential Conference Management Tools

Organising and running a conference is a bit of a logistical challenge, but like any difficult task, it’s one that can be somewhat simplified if you have the right tools. Fortunately, technology has been developed to make some of the more time-consuming and complicated processes a lot quicker and easier. Here’s a selection of tools…

Green Meeting, Eco-friendly

5 Ways To Make Your Event Green

With the trend towards eco-friendliness, having a sustainable event at your Phuket conference venue is as much a good marketing move as it is a generally good thing to do. Helpfully, plenty of Phuket meeting hotels are leading the initiative by taking steps to protect the island’s natural beauty. However, there are still a few…

How to Give a Good Presentation

How to Give a Good Presentation

It doesn’t matter how interesting the topic you have to discuss, when you get up on stage a your Phuket conference venue, it’s important that your presentation is clear and memorable. Otherwise, all of the preparation work, research, building slides and travel will be for nothing. So, what can you do to make sure that…

: Interaction at Events, Phuket Conference Venue

How to Encourage Interaction at Events

One of the risks of running an event is that, once you’ve got people into your Phuket conference venue, the inactivity of sitting and watching a lecture with combine with the comfort of the seating and the satisfaction from a hearty lunch to put attendees to sleep. Getting people moving and interacting is essential for…

Hidden Conference Costs, Meeting Budget in Phuket

How to Spot Hidden Conference Costs

A Phuket conference venue and catering will generally take up the bulk of the budget for your event. However, every experienced conference organiser knows that the final price is of the venue is rarely the same as the first price you were quoted. Leaving a considerable buffer in your budget is definitely advisable, but isn’t…