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4 Essential Conference Management Tools

Organising and running a conference is a bit of a logistical challenge, but like any difficult task, it’s one that can be somewhat simplified if you have the right tools. Fortunately, technology has been developed to make some of the more time-consuming and complicated processes a lot quicker and easier. Here’s a selection of tools that might help you with putting on a first-class event at your Phuket conference venue of choice.


Trello is a wildly successful and extremely popular task management software, yet its premise is deceptively simple. Tasks are broken down into cards, which are sorted into columns according to whatever metric you please. With colourful labels, in-card checklists and the ability to assign people to specific cards, you can see the progress of planning at a glance, see what issues have been identified and communicate with card members in the comments sections for each. As a bonus, the basic version is free and has more than enough features to manage an event.


Once you’ve got your event planned, your Phuket conference venue organised and and a date set, you need to start thinking about marketing. Hootsuite enables you to manage a wide all of your social media platforms in one place. You can simultaneously post on or montior Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts, controlling it all from one place instead of having to go to each individually. You can also use analytics to monitor how effective your marketing is on what platforms. It’ll save you a lot of time and work.


The name means “If This Then That” because it started life as quite a simple piece of software intended to make it easier to post across multiple social medias. The idea is that you can program in automated responses to online stimuli. So, for example, you could set it to automatically retweet any post that uses your conference hashtag or automatically move any conference notes emailed to you into a Google Drive. Basically, any repetitive task can be handled instantly and for free. Since event organisation involves quite a lot of repetitive tasks, this tool is very valuable.


More and more conferences are using dedicated conference apps, which are great until you have a last-minute alteration to incorporate. Guidebook is designed to provide a simple solution to this problem. If you have to make a quick change to the event programme or schedule, you can do so through Guidebook and it will push a notification to delegates’ phones so that everyone involved is kept updated.

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