Integrating Social Media into Your Event

Integrating Social Media into Your Event

Using social media at your event in a Phuket conference venue can be the difference between said event being an unqualified success or an expensive failure. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn play an increasingly large role in our day-to-day lives, so it’s only to be expected that they would play an important role at an event, increasing engagement and participation and keeping people talking about whatever message you want to share. The following are a few tips on how to better integrate social media into your event, in order to achieve the optimum results.


Appoint a Social Media Manager

This might seem like an unnecessary expense and complication – after all, everyone can use social media, right? While that is certainly true, the problem with everyone using it at once is that it creates a diluted message. If you have too many people working simultaneously, you will have the wrong event highlights shared, or the right ones shared at the wrong times, or so many social media posts made that important ones are buried by nonsense ones. It is much better for your social media presence to speak with a single voice – that of someone well-informed, whose sole duty is to respond to questions, post pictures, manage live-streams and so on.


Appoint a Social Media Manager


Ensure a Good Internet Connection

At this point in the 21st century, this goes almost without saying. However, with a large number of people logging on at the same time, a slow or weak Wi-Fi system could struggle and even fail completely. Fortunately, every good Phuket meeting venue features a very sturdy and speedy connection. If possible, ask that the password protection be switched off for the duration of the meeting, as you will very quickly get bored of people asking for the code.


Create a #Hashtag

Especially effective on Twitter and Instagram, though increasingly used across all social media, hashtags are a simple, snappy way to mark a post as being related to a specific subject. Encourage your speakers and presenters to use your tag, and ask them to encourage participants to do the same. This will create an online buzz and make it easy to find posts related to your event.


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Have a Photobooth

Set up a branded backdrop in your Phuket conference venue where people can take selfies. People love taking selfies and, given even the simplest of backdrops, will do so in droves, ensuring your event gets a lot of exposure.



Encourage audience members to submit their questions for speakers and presenters through social media. Some specialised apps exist to help you do this, but even just checking the hashtag you set up could be a way to find questions to answer. This will increase the amount of posts with that tag, increasing the online buzz about your event.


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