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5 Tips for Conducting a Virtual Meeting

The discovery of the internet is very vital to humanity. Through the use of internet connection we can able to communicate to the people around the globe regardless their distance from us.


A virtual meeting is very common in today’s generation because of the presence of internet. It enables you to talk someone without meeting them personally and have face to face conversation. When we say virtual meetings you can have interactions through the use of internet with the integration of video and audio, having chat with each other and sharing of an application.


Virtual Meeting, video and audio, meeting & event


One of the common examples of virtual meetings is online tutoring, lectures and even business meeting through online. Here are some meeting tips that will help you conduct effective virtual meetings:


1. There must be preparation when you will be planning to conduct virtual meeting. The common hindrances of having virtual meetings are the noise that surrounds your audience and slow internet connection.


Virtual Meeting, internet connection, meeting in phuket


2. To hold the attention of the audience you must have new set of etiquette rules. When you will be the presenter make sure that you will be courteous to the participants, say your words clearly or don’t cover your microphone so that they will understand what you are talking about and minimize your body movements that can distract the focus of your audience.


3. Maintain your eye contact with your audience by looking to the camera. Your gesture must be natural as possible. Your attire must be appropriate for the meeting that you have. Don’t be so serious when presenting just be yourself and have fun so that you can create light mood with your audience.


4. Don’t shout and don’t make any distracting sounds when you are conducting virtual meeting. Let your audience ask questions to make healthy conversation. The participants must have the opportunity to be engaged to the discussion so that everyone can also hear its suggestions or queries about the topic.


Virtual Meeting, suggestions or queries, meeting in phuket


5. Sending out an online meeting agenda guideline before the meeting is always a good idea. This will help attendants better follow through the virtual meeting.


Virtual meetings may need some getting used to for those who have never experienced this type of meeting. However, if done right, these meetings can be highly effective, useful and just as effective as face-to-face meetings.


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