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The Story of a Successful Conference

The Story of a Successful Conference

A good event at a Phuket conference venue is like a good story. It has a clear beginning, middle and end, with key objectives in each section and smooth transitions from one part to the next. Just like a good story, a satisfying conclusion is one where the participant walks away inspired, entertained and a little more knowledgable.

The analogy kind of falls apart, at this point, but a good conference with these components also encourages greater interaction and participation. The following are some of the important things to think about at each stage of your convention, particularly if you want it to be participation-driven and participation-rich.



Allowing time for your participants to get to know each other might seem like a waste of the limited and valuable time you have your Phuket conference venue for, but it pays off in the later stages of the event. Even a one-day event can gain a lot from ensuring that those taking part are not complete strangers to each other. The important takeaways from this stage include a better understanding of the wants and needs of everyone in the room, as well as the resources available to see that everyone comes away satisfied.

A further bonus from learning about your conference participants is ensuring that what is left of your time is spent as efficiently as possible. You can ask for topic suggestions and ideas to help you to refine your plans for the event. This will ensure that no one comes away feeling like they’ve just had information they already knew repeated back to them. It allows you to ascertain the knowledge level of your audience so you can either skip the simple stuff or include a summary of the basics, so that no one is either patronised or confused.


The middle of a successful conference is not radically different from any other event at a Phuket conference venue, except that you can now reap the benefits of having included a lot more interaction in the beginning. With a better understanding of your participants, you can now adjust your sessions to ensure that they are all well-attended by an enthusiastic crowd.

Of course, with significantly less time to adapt to the needs of your participants, sessions will inevitably have to be relatively informal Q&A sessions with experts and leaders in your field of interest. However, this has historically proved to be the more popular session type as it directly addresses the needs of participants – far more so than a traditional lecture.


While many a Phuket conference venue provides excellent facilities for the traditional banquet or party to end your event, a better use of the time and facilities might be a guided introspection. Use this opportunity to directly assess the success of your conference and reinforce the significant lessons your participants should be taking away from it. This is important in transforming the general ideas and abstract concepts participants might have learnt into actionable plans, ensuring that the benefits of the event are felt immediately and in a more measurable way.

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