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Essential Skills for Event Managers

Essential Skills for Event Managers

Organising MICE events is undoubtedly a challenge, even in the paradise of a Phuket conference venue. There is a reason why the role of ‘events manager’ exists in many businesses as well as the freelance sphere – because this is not the kind of job a novice can make a success out of. However, with the ever-evolving business and technology landscape come new challenges for those organising business events. The following are some of the emerging essential skills event managers should have at their disposal.



It really wasn’t that long ago that we considered Microsoft PowerPoint to be the cutting edge in events technology, but we have advanced in quantum leaps since then. Those who can’t embrace and incorporate emerging technology will be the ones who are left behind and whose events will fail to inspire and achieve renown.


Technology for conference meeting


Be warned: this is very much a double-edged sword. Successful use of the new tech available at Phuket conference venues will make your job much easier and your event much more engaging, but using it as gimmickry or, far worse, causing a major tech failure which results in huge delays will have the opposite effect. If you’re going to try to use modern presentation and events technology, make sure that you are completely confident with it and that you have tested it fully in advance.


Social Media

Along with technology comes the incorporation of social media. Fortunately, most people are now fairly savvy when it comes to many of the major social networks, so encouraging people to use initiatives you set up is generally very simple. However, it is up to you to not only set up these systems, but to make sure they work and make sure that they are simple enough to follow. Correctly done, incorporating social media into an event will ease event registration and boost audience engagement and participation. Done badly, it will be brushed off as an overly complex gimmick and a failed attempt to appear relevant to a modern audience.


social media skill


Soft Skills

While these have always been an important business skill, the ability to clearly communicate, negotiate and work as a team is vital, especially if you are planning an event in a different country. Fortunately, many Phuket conference venues are staffed by dedicated teams ready and able to handle your needs, but knowing how to explain those needs clearly and concisely will make a huge difference.


Soft Skill for Event Managers

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