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Essential Facilities for a MICE Hotel

When it comes to choosing a good Phuket conference venue, there are certain facilities which it are pretty much essential. These are the kinds of elements which can make or break a conference; without them, coherent organisation is next extremely problematic and tiresome. When you are booking your meeting space, be sure to look out for the following.

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Starting with the obvious, the most essential component of a good Phuket meeting hotel is enough seating and floorspace to comfortably contain your delegation. Too little and you will be cramped into the room like sardines, unable to relax or focus on your discussions. However, the opposite can be a problem, too. Booking somewhere with more space than you need is a major waste of budget and a cavernous room for a small delegation feels rather absurd.


While it is theoretically possible to conduct a perfectly good conference with just a flip-chart and a pen, it is definitely not easy to do so. Fortunately, many Phuket conference venues now come equipped with excellent display solutions, including projectors, large screens, sound systems and, of course, Wi-Fi internet access. These are arguably not “essentials”, when it comes to booking a meeting place, but they do help a lot.

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You’ve got about 100 people doing a lot of hard work for much of the day – they’re going to need to eat if they are going to perform at their best and justify the booking of a Phuket meeting hotel. Herein lies the advantage of choosing a hotel over other types of venue. Not only do hotels have the equipment and experience required for feeding hundreds of people at a time, but they are also used to providing exceptional food quality.

Leisure Facilities

Having worked hard, it is only fair to provide your attendees the opportunity to play hard. Again, hotels make exceptionally good choices for Phuket conference venues, in this regard, because they are already prepared for hundreds of guests looking to relax and enjoy themselves. Beach hotels are particularly good choices, as are those with large swimming pools and other sports facilities.


Having guests travelling from across the island to your venue each morning and evening creates an obvious problem. So many people moving around at the same time – there are bound to be delays, which will have a knock-on effect on the rest of your plans for your conference. It is naturally much better to pick a Phuket meeting hotel with enough rooms available to accommodate everyone in your party. This means that everyone can simply walk from their room to the venue, minimising delays.

Tropical Pool Access, Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa

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