Why Choose Phuket as your MICE Destination?

Considering a destination venue for your upcoming MICE event? Phuket is another attractive destination in Thailand to hold business meetings and events. With the island’s pristine beaches and settings, abundant availability of MICE hotels, and unique culture, Phuket represents a gem MICE city of the Andaman.




Here are reasons why you should pick Phuket as your MICE venue.

1. Phuket is a popular tourist destination and has hundreds of hotel choices available. A large portion of these hotels consists of fully-equipped MICE facilities.

2. Large venue spaces are available, such as Thavorn Palm Beach Resort (500 delegates capacity) or at Duangjit Hotel and Spa (2,000 delegates capacity).

3. Unique Venues available. If you are looking for a private beach to host your event, Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa offers their private Nakalay beach as a beautiful and ambient beach venue.

4. Thais are renowned for their warm hospitality. Be sure to receive great service during your stay.

5. Event attendees are able to enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches and sceneries after your meetings and events.

6. Amazing local culture. There are many local and Thai cultures to be treasured and experienced in Phuket.

7. Great food. Thailand is famous for it delicious cuisine. In Phuket, you will be able to experience renowned Thai delicacies as well as amazing local Phuket food.


Over recent years, Phuket has increasingly gained recognition as a MICE destination. Aside from the well-equipped MICE facilities, the island also offers beautiful beaches and a variety of fun activities. For your next event, be sure to consider Phuket as your destination venue.

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