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How to Make Your Event More Comfortable

Attending an event at a Phuket conference venue is probably quite a memorable thing already, but the trend in event planning is increasingly towards placing supreme importance on the delegate experience, just to be sure. A major part of that trend is moving away from speaker-led conferences and instead focusing on interactive sessions. Venues and organisers are adapting to this shift quickly, but here are a few tips on how to make sure your attendees make the most of your event.

Social Media (of course)

It sometimes seems that your existence on social media is more important than physical reality these days. It’s a trend that has infiltrated every walk of life – not least conferences and events. It certainly has its perks, though. Live-streamed events can reach an audience well beyond the limitations of your Phuket conference venue, allowing those unable to attend in person to at least still learn something from the key speakers. Ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is in place – high-speed wi-fi internet access, in particular – is essential.

Experience Creation

Embrace creativity

Entrepreneurial innovation is leading rapid development in a number of fields, and is becoming an increasingly important part of global business. As such, creativity is increasingly important in the workplace and at conferences. Breakout spaces, comfortably furnished social areas and time to interact with others should be factored into your schedule, with more and longer breaks between meetings.

Reject formality

Also associated with the increased importance placed on creativity, the next generation of employees and employers see less stuffy formality as more productive. This can be expressed in a more casual tone of voice, relaxed uniforms, funky décor and possibly even a bar menu, which a good Phuket conference venue should be able to provide. The increasingly personal and human atmosphere helps innovators to better relate to their audiences and potential customers who are, after all, also human.

Eat Healthy

Yes, believe it or not, even the food served at your event needs to be considered, when planning your next event. Again, reducing formality and embracing creativity is important, so consider including more street foods and snacks – the healthier the better. It’s also important to have some good coffee available. It’s effectively the life blood of most business today, so don’t skimp and invest in a good brand of bean – your delegates will certainly appreciate the extra effort and expense.

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