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How to Make a Great Conference Programme

A great programme of events at your Phuket conference venue needs to be both logical and intuitive while also being easily read and understood by attendees. Get it right, and you’ll have people looking forward to your next event. Get it wrong, and you’ll have a lot of confused and dissatisfied people on your hands. Here are a few tips to help you get it right.


Make it manageable

A packed schedule can look both impressive and intimidating, and having too much going on all at once will leave many attendees feeling overwhelmed. To make things a little easier, organise your sessions by their topic and have diverse topics running in parallel. This gives people a clear and (usually) easy choice of what they want to see. They won’t have to miss out because there were too many topics they were interested in running at the same time.


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It should also be manageable from the perspective of the presenters. If they’re hosting multiple sessions each day at opposite ends of your Phuket conference venue, they’re going to be exhausted by the time it gets to the last one, so they won’t be at their best. Give them a realistic workload for each day of the event to get the best out of them.


Include downtime

A conference programme which is packed with events is good, but one that factors in time to rest and digest what each session has taught is better. Give your presenters and attendees time to relax, meet, converse and internalise everything they covered in the session. There should be flexibility for toilet breaks and a chance to grab a snack or a cup of coffee, and not just the one break in the middle of the day for lunch.


Speak of lunch, you should try scheduling any high-energy activities immediately after the midday meal. Generally speaking, people are at their least energetic at this time – what’s known as the post-lunch slump. If you encourage people to walk around the Phuket conference venue at this time, it’ll help boost their energy levels and they’ll be more likely to actively participate in events instead of falling asleep.


Make it accessible

It is vital that everyone has easy access to the conference programme. Just posting it up on one wall of the Phuket conference venue will create a bottleneck since everyone will need to be looking at the same few sheets of paper to see what’s going on over the course of the day. Instead, consider hosting the schedule online, using apps or sites which can be accessed with a smartphone. You could also put helpful resources and documents online so that people can learn more about what they’ve heard during the session.


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