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Choosing The Perfect Hotel For Your Meetings And Events In Phuket

When you are searching for a conference venue for hosting meetings or any other form of events in Phuket, you definitely want to ensure that you will be getting it right. Therefore, you need to spend time and effort in selecting the right Phuket hotel for the perfect venue. In Phuket, there are plenty of hotel choices to choose from. The following are things that you should think about when searching for a hotel in Phuket that will serve as a great venue for your next event:


1. Event Date: When you know the period of time the event would be held, you could begin to consider venues. There is no way you could find or book a hotel if you do not know the date you need this for.

Event Date, Meeting day, meeting in phuket


2. Location: What are you or your audience looking for? Somewhere near the city or by the beach? Is the hotel conveniently located? Does it make sense to look for a hotel that is conveniently located near the airport?

location for meeting, meeting in phuket


3. Number of Attendees: You will need to determine the number of people that will be attending the event. This is crucial as different hotels have different event and function space capacity. You would not want to book and make a deposit for a venue with limited space only to learn that there are more attendees than the amount of individuals you have expected to come. It also would not be great to book a meeting room which holds hundreds to thousands of people when there are just 50 people invited.


4. Plan Ahead: It is necessary that you book ahead of time so that you would be able to get the very best venue choice. Booking the venue ahead also has the benefits of saving costs by obtaining early bird discount. When you leave this all till the last minute, you may not be able to get the venue or date that you like, and either need to postpone your event or hold this in another function hall.


5. Technical Requirements: What kind of event are you hosting? Are technical requirements a big deal? Is there wireless internet access? Do you require a projector or a screen? What about using a huge screen TV or audio systems? Research thoroughly to find hotel venues that support these technical requirements.


6. Catering: What kinds of events and catering menu does the hotel offer? Would the menu options impress your attendees? Does the menu option fit with you event budget

Catering food, event in phuket


7. Recreational activities and hotel facilities: Aside from the meeting and function space, it is also a great idea to consider the facilities and activities the hotel has to offer. Having fun on the golf course or a luxury spa can be the most ideal way of ending a tiring and busy day. A private beach with team-building sport activities can also be interesting.

activities and hotel facilities, Luxury Spa in Phuket

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